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Locating the G-spot can help increase the chances of orgasm through coitus alone. Will drinking fruit juices notably pineapple juice alter the taste of semen to make it sweeter?

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Come Enjoy a unrushed session you'll be thinking about for a lifetime!! What the Numbers Mean. If Im not your cup of tea, contact me because chances are one of my safe, discreet other girlfriends will be! You might have heard someone allude to the size of their penis by referencing their shoe size.

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Breakthrough in hunt for William Tyrrell:. A new anthropometric measurement of penile length and its relation to second and fourth digital lengths.

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This informal sex education process spreads information based on individual experience, local folklore, cultural values, or traditional customs, often resulting in the exchange of unreliable, inconsistent information. The unfounded knowledge that is passed along through word of mouth and the media can often mislead people.

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