Decorating with Rose Gold and Blush Tones

Decorating with Rose Gold and Blush Tones 


Dreaming of a romantic master suite or wanting to add a feminine touch to other areas of your home? Here are some beautiful home accents and decor ideas to inspire you!

Decorating with Rose Gold and Blush Tones

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Decorating with Rose Gold and Blush Tones


Hey There Mommas!

Who else here loves to decorate? It IS part of being a homemaker right? Who else here is obsessed with decorating with rose gold and blush tones?

I’ve been in a Pinterest kick searching for home decor inspiration, and this is the trend that keeps popping up.

Realizing that I must not be the ONLY one trying to incorporate rose gold (or copper) and blush tones in my current farmhouse style decor, I decided to look on amazon for some pieces that I could easily add without having to do a complete overhaul (or leaving my house haha)…

and having the guys of the house thinking that they live in a barbie house LOL

A romantic master bedroom has been a goal of mine, and so that is some of what I was searching for. But I am also including home accents that can be used in any area of the home.

If you have been in Hobby Lobby, you can see that the trend this Christmas is silver, muted gold, and rose gold… I CANNOT WAIT!! If seasonal decorating is more of your thing than more of that is yet to come 😉

(P.S. buffalo check style Christmas decor is still very popular if you are looking for more of that kind of holiday decor, it will be available. You can see my buffalo check Christmas centerpiece here.)

Now for the good stuff 🙂

Here are my top picks for decorating with rose gold and blush tones:

**Click pictures for info

Blush Throw – Look at that cozy cable knit!

Rose Gold Lamp – GORGEOUS!

Marble and Rose Gold Clock – Who doesn’t love marble?

Blush Fur – Perfect for your master suite OR a baby girl’s nursery!

Rose Gold Side Table – I NEED to fit this somewhere in my house

Blush Rug – This can easily be layered with the fur on the side of the bed or crib. The gray in it goes great with my farmhouse style master bedroom.

Blush/Rose Gold Runner – IF ONLY my hubby would be ok with having this on the dinning room table! Lol Guess it will go over a dresser in our bedroom 🙂

What do you think? Are you going to be adding rose gold or blush tones to your current style or perhaps redoing a room for yourself?

If I added rose gold to my laundry room (really just a closet), I think I would be more happy when folding the mountain of laundry my small family of 4 seems to go through in a week. Lol

The other HOT trend we keep seeing, so it will be around a while is galvanized metal. See my post on that here 🙂

Hope you all are staying sane while trying to get the kiddos ready for back to school! And if no one has told you today… You are doing a great job!

With Love,


Sahvana Stapleton

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