Fall Home Decor Ideas for Thanksgiving

Fall Home Decor Ideas for Thanksgiving

Hosting Thanksgiving this year? Want a reminder of what the season is all about? While looking for farmhouse style Thanksgiving decor, I decided to compile a list of my favorites!

Fall Home Decor Ideas for Thanksgiving

(This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a commission if you make a purchase using one of these links. This is at no extra cost to you. It helps with the cost of running my site, and keeps the content free. Thank you!)


Fall Home Decor Ideas for Thanksgiving


Hey There Mommas!

Happy Fall YALL!! Where are all my pumpkin spice latte-ers, Halloween enthusiasts, and flannel pajama wearers at??

Who loves Fall? WE DO!!

Ok, so Summer and Fall might be tied for me, but I am done with the heat, wild fires, and kids being home all day. Lol #sorrynotsorry

I usually host Thanksgiving for my side of the family, and by host, I mean I decorate, provide the house, most of the food, and my mom and grandma do the rest.

Cooking a full on Thanksgiving feast is not my strong suit. If it has more than 4 ingredients, it’s not really my thing.

I can make a mean green bean casserole though. Hhhhhmmm… that just might have to be one of my next posts!

So decorators gotta decorate! I got to thinking about the reason for the Thanksgiving season, and how I needed to incorporate that feeling into the house… as a reminder, and to surround ourselves with positive thinking. THANKFUL thinking.

My toddler is now a preschooler (somehow, yikes!), and it’s important to me (and Chris) that he learns to be thankful. Thankful for not only things, but the people in his life.

Now that said preschooler is a chatterbox, we can have actual conversations about what we are thankful for. I am looking forward to some of the goofy things that he will come up with too.

(I will be posting his quotes on Facebook starting in November. Be sure to follow me there! I love reading about what your kids will be thankful for too!)

With all of this focus on what we are thankful and grateful for, I decided to pick the best fall home decor for Thanksgiving … Home decor that will remind us why we are gathered with friends and family, and eating a giant bird together.

Here is my list, and note that they are mostly farmhouse style 🙂


  • LOVE the font on this beautifully framed sign. 


*Click the pictures for details 🙂 



  • Galvanized metal is one of my favorite ways to add a different element to your decor that goes well with everything from Farmhouse, Fixer Upper, or Industrial style. 




  • With the wood and floral elements to this sign, it adds some gorgeous colors to the room.






  • The bright white lettering jumps out as a great focal point with the same type of script font as the first sign that I am in LOVE with. 




  • If you don’t have a lot of wall space, this centerpiece is the perfect solution. See again with the rustic vibe? I can’t help myself!  



  • The comfy option! Throw pillows can be added to dining room chairs, or get one for the sofa. I really couldn’t decide between these two, so I decided to include both 🙂 



There you have it friends! My fall home decor favorites so far. Which ones do you like?

Do you decorate specifically for Thanksgiving? I would love to know!

With Love,


Sahvana Stapleton

P.S. My overall favorite Farmhouse Style pieces from Amazon can be found here.

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Decorating with Rose Gold and Blush Tones

Decorating with Rose Gold and Blush Tones 


Dreaming of a romantic master suite or wanting to add a feminine touch to other areas of your home? Here are some beautiful home accents and decor ideas to inspire you!

Decorating with Rose Gold and Blush Tones

*This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a commission if you make a purchase using one of these links. This is at no extra cost to you. It helps with the cost of running this site, and keeps the content free. Thank you!*


Decorating with Rose Gold and Blush Tones


Hey There Mommas!

Who else here loves to decorate? It IS part of being a homemaker right? Who else here is obsessed with decorating with rose gold and blush tones?

I’ve been in a Pinterest kick searching for home decor inspiration, and this is the trend that keeps popping up.

Realizing that I must not be the ONLY one trying to incorporate rose gold (or copper) and blush tones in my current farmhouse style decor, I decided to look on amazon for some pieces that I could easily add without having to do a complete overhaul (or leaving my house haha)…

and having the guys of the house thinking that they live in a barbie house LOL

A romantic master bedroom has been a goal of mine, and so that is some of what I was searching for. But I am also including home accents that can be used in any area of the home.

If you have been in Hobby Lobby, you can see that the trend this Christmas is silver, muted gold, and rose gold… I CANNOT WAIT!! If seasonal decorating is more of your thing than more of that is yet to come 😉

(P.S. buffalo check style Christmas decor is still very popular if you are looking for more of that kind of holiday decor, it will be available. You can see my buffalo check Christmas centerpiece here.)

Now for the good stuff 🙂

Here are my top picks for decorating with rose gold and blush tones:

**Click pictures for info

Blush Throw – Look at that cozy cable knit!

Rose Gold Lamp – GORGEOUS!

Marble and Rose Gold Clock – Who doesn’t love marble?

Blush Fur – Perfect for your master suite OR a baby girl’s nursery!

Rose Gold Side Table – I NEED to fit this somewhere in my house

Blush Rug – This can easily be layered with the fur on the side of the bed or crib. The gray in it goes great with my farmhouse style master bedroom.

Blush/Rose Gold Runner – IF ONLY my hubby would be ok with having this on the dinning room table! Lol Guess it will go over a dresser in our bedroom 🙂

What do you think? Are you going to be adding rose gold or blush tones to your current style or perhaps redoing a room for yourself?

If I added rose gold to my laundry room (really just a closet), I think I would be more happy when folding the mountain of laundry my small family of 4 seems to go through in a week. Lol

The other HOT trend we keep seeing, so it will be around a while is galvanized metal. See my post on that here 🙂

Hope you all are staying sane while trying to get the kiddos ready for back to school! And if no one has told you today… You are doing a great job!

With Love,


Sahvana Stapleton

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15 Budget Friendly Galvanized Metal Decor Ideas

15 Budget Friendly Galvanized Metal Decor Ideas


Here are 15 budget friendly galvanized metal decor ideas that are perfect for adding something different to your country farmhouse, french inspired, or industrial style home!


Budget Friendly Galvanized Metal Decor Ideas

**This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a commission if you make a purchase using one of these links. This is at no extra cost to you. It helps me keep the content free. Thank you! Full disclosure can be found here.


15 Budget Friendly Galvanized Metal Decor Ideas

Hey There Mommas!

There is so much more to being homemakers than cooking, cleaning, and taking care of kids… am I right!? Decorating and creating can be a wonderful outlet for us busy parents to be artsy, and feel good about our home.

When you take snap shots of your little ones… making memories that last a lifetime… let us not be embarrassed by what is in the background! It is hard not to feel guilty for wanting to make things pretty, but if it is what makes you happy then it is worth it.

We hear it all of the time… “kids need happy parents”

And that’s why I created this post, so you can find some cute, in style home goods that are budget friendly (aka guilt free).

Make your house a home, and do something that you enjoy momma!

I’ve rounded up some galvanized metal decor ideas that go with a variety of interior design styles… from farmhouse to french inspired, so that you don’t have to spend a bunch of time searching for what you need… and feeling more guilty and burnt out.

My home decor inspiration posts are also for those people that might not even have a clue where to start. Trust me, I know plenty of moms like that. You are NOT alone! Maybe you want your house to look nice, but you don’t have a creative bone in your body… that is A OK. I got you!

Check out my list of 15 budget friendly galvanized decor ideas below, add any of them to your current decor style, and instantly feel like your house is more on trend with very little effort 🙂

(and your secret is safe with me, wink wink lol)

*Note: Click on the pictures for more product details



  1. 15×15 inch galvanized metal star for indoor or outdoor decorating

2. Tiered organizer that is great for kitchen or bathroom necessities

3. This is a best seller and for good reason. I even mentioned it in this farmhouse style post.

4. A galvanized lazy susan… YES PLEASE!

5. Love the rope handles and the trendy little pineapple at the top. How cute would this be for hanging in the kitchen OR used for entertaining!?

6. This cake stand is SCALLOPED and galvanized metal! 2 trends in one! From fashion to home decor, I am starting to see this look everywhere. Use this as a platform to keep things up off the counter to give the illusion of more counter space/bigger kitchen or bathroom.

7. This is perfect for adding a touch of galvanized metal to a space… home office perhaps? The trays fit standard size paper. This is on the spendier (<—– is that a word? lol) side, but I had to include it because it is so stinkin’ pretty!

8. Farm fresh to go with farmhouse style decor! These are a set of two, so maybe keep one for yourself… and give the other as a gift? One or both of these together would make beautiful wall hangings or propped up on a shelf to display the inside.

9. Oh how I wish this were a bigger picture. (You can click on it to see more detail) This little utensil set includes everything we love about rustic decor… mason jars, galvanized metal, and chalk board.

10. Imagine this tray filled with some flowers, candles, and tidbits of burlap ribbon OR what other types of seasonal things that you like to decorate with… talk about GORGEOUS!

11. Husband pick! He said I should add something manly to the list, lol. Wood and just a galvanized metal accent. Man cave material right here.

12. This comes in a set of 3, and we just have one hanging in our command center area. I am very tempted to order more! Such a cute little envelope that holds mail that you need to get to or outgoing letters.

13. Adorable little galvanized canister set. I am all about decor that is also functional… think I’m onto a theme here lol

14. Galvanized metal fans or fan blades are very in style for home decor right now, and I don’t foresee them going anywhere in the near future. BONUS is… this one is a clock!

15. Last, but not least… the grand finale… if you can only get one thing on this entire list, PICK THIS! Super affordable, and you can customize to get any letter or word that you want in a variety of sizes.


There you have it! Some of the top 15 budget friendly galvanized metal decor ideas that are trending!

If anything, I hope this inspires you to create, decorate, or think about other ways to make your home unique for you and your family.

Decorating with all galvanized is not my intention… and if you need other ideas here is something a little more romantic, and here is some farmhouse style decor. 

I love getting feedback, so drop a comment below if you so choose 🙂



With Love,


Sahvana Stapleton

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Farmhouse Style

Farmhouse Style Decor

Farmhouse Style Farmhouse Style Finds on Amazon

(This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a commission if you make a purchase using one of these links. This is at no extra cost to you. It helps with the cost of running this site, and keeps the content free. Thank you!)

Hi There!

If you are looking for some farmhouse style decorating ideas then look no further! This rustic and country type of décor is so hot in the interior design world that you can’t help but want to add some old fashioned pieces to your home. There is just something so cozy and inviting about farmhouses isn’t there?

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