Grocery Shopping Made Easy

Grocery Shopping Made Easy 


Hate grocery shopping as much as I do? NEVER go grocery shopping again! Here’s how…


Grocery Shopping Made Easy

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Grocery Shopping Made Easy


Hey There Mommas!

This week I wanted to address something that I am PASSIONATE about. Grocery shopping. Anyone hate it with a passion like me?

I kid, I don’t hate it… my children do, and that makes it miserable for me. If on the rare occasion I would get to go alone, it’s like a freakin’ vacation!

The season of motherhood also impacts how smoothly grocery shopping can go, and I have an almost 2 year old and 4 year old. Maybe, just maybe, when they get older, they will be more help at the store than they are currently.

The 4 year old is running rampid, the almost 2 year old is pitching anything she can reach out of the cart, and onto the floor. Sound fun, huh? Lol

I know I will look back on these times and miss them… but for now. I’m NEVER grocery shopping again! 

Here’s How:

Grocery pick up! (or what I like to call… grocery shopping made easy)

Some people may live in an area where grocery delivery is even available, and I do like having meal delivery service such as Home Chef on occasion… check out my review on that here.

But in my rural-area-neck-of-the-woods, grocery pick up has just become a thing, a glorious, life changing… grocery shopping hack that I cannot stop recommending to  everyone.

It also saves time. Bonus! Maybe I will get to that bubble bath tonight? LOL Fingers crossed 🙂

AND it can save you money because there won’t be the impulse buying, or the kids throwing things they want in the cart without you realizing it.

One Con that I want to throw out there is the fact that I can’t use coupons or Ibotta (yet).

Ibotta is an app that can help you get rebates on things you buy at particular stores. Here is my referral link if you would like to check it out.

Here are the two grocery services available in my area:

  1. Walmart: Grocery Pick-up ( I use weekly) Get $10 off by using my referral link HERE 

  2. Fred Meyer: Click List


Pros: Sometimes same day service is available, great prices, and an easy to use app

Cons: Produce quality is not the greatest, and farther away from my house

Fred Meyer 

Pros: Closest to my house, better quality in some items such as meat and produce, and gas rewards

Cons: Higher prices on some things, and no app

That is my 2 cents on each of these grocery service options. Either one you choose will make grocery shopping so. Much. Easier. Check them out, and let me know what you think!

I would love to hear about your experience with grocery pick up or delivery, so feel free to leave me a comment below 🙂

With Love,


Sahvana Stapleton

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