How to Pick the Right Baby Bottle

How to pick the right baby bottle

How to Pick the Right Baby Bottle


Wondering how to pick the right baby bottle? Then you have come to the right place!

how to pick the right baby bottle

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How to Pick the Right Baby Bottle 

Hey There Mommas!

The question of what brand of baby bottles, and what type of baby bottles are best has come through my email and via text quite frequently, so I have decided to let you all in on my motherhood secrets regarding how we ended up using the baby bottles that we did.

And my motherhood secret is…

(it makes me laugh when I type this because there are no secrets… we all just wing it right?)

Drum roll please…

YOU, yes you, the parent, mother, father, whom ever… YOU DON’T PICK.

Baby does 🙂 

I know this is not the answer to the baby bottle question that you wanted to hear, and I know when my mommy-to-be friend was texting me frantically from the Target baby aisle she wanted answers!

She wanted the baby bottle facts!

So, I realize that you are probably wondering why I would bother writing a blog post about picking the right baby bottle when it doesn’t seem that helpful, please stay with me because I will offer some tips based on my experience as a bottle feeding mommy.

Not every mother can breastfeed, or breastfeed full time.

*Also, maybe other caregivers would like a chance to feed the child. That is when bottles come in handy.

Here is a list of tips to consider when registering for baby bottles or buying them yourself:


  1. Try to have variety on hand: Say “YES” to ALL of the free samples. The Motherhood store in the mall gave me a free sample of an Avent bottle when I was there shopping for maternity clothes. My doctor’s office also gave me a goodie basket with a Dr. Browns bottle in it. Babies R Us also gave me a goody bag with different baby items in there when I registered which may have included a bottle, but between pregnant brain and now having a one year old and 4 year old… to be honest… I don’t remember. Lol The free sample baby bottles will give you a variety to offer your baby to see what they like.
  2. Bottles for tummy troubles: My first born had acid reflux (spit up A LOT) and bad gas. All around tummy issues for a baby leads to fussiness and discomfort. He had to be formula fed, and we had to use the Dr Browns. They were the only bottle that helped with the gas problem since they have the extra pieces inside to remove air from the milk. The Dr Browns baby bottle come in plastic or glass, so depending what your doctor recommends/your preferences… you have different options there. We used the plastic ones.
  3. Switching between bottle feeding and nursing: With baby #2, I had collected all of these samples, but breastfeeding was actually going great! She didn’t need a bottle for the first couple of weeks. Then I got mastitis, which I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. I was pumping a lot, and going back and forth between nursing and bottle feeding. She refused the Avent bottle and the Dr Browns bottle. Luckily we had a friend in the industry who had sent us a set of Tommee Tippee bottles to try. Just looking at how they are shaped, is the reason why I think these worked so well for going in between. I highly recommend these (if your baby like them of course!) if you are going back to work, but still want to nurse when you are home.
  4. What size to get: smaller ounces for newborns, and larger ounces for later. If you are a nursing momma, or a new momma, then how would you know how much your baby drinks? Since I had to formula feed my first son ‘right out the gate’, let me give you a rough idea. Every baby is different, but the newborn-3 month is going to be around 1-4 ounces, and then probably around 4-9 months they work up to around 3-6 ounces. The big 8-9 ounce baby bottles won’t be needed until at least 6 months, but probably more like 9 months. To save money though, you can just get a set of the big ones, and replace the nipples when they get worn out. You can also just refill the small bottles, but I know that my kids would get hangry if their meal time was interrupted. LOL
  5. Other things to have on hand to make bottle feeding easier: Just a couple of things to consider 🙂 Once baby has their bottle preference, if you can, get enough bottles to have a clean one for every feeding for a 24 hour period. Example: Baby eats every 3 hours, so you need 8 bottles. Have a separate drying rack, so that pieces of the bottles don’t go missing, or get contaminated from people who might grab things out of the one for the dishes. And microwavable bottle/nipple sterilizer bags (example of the ones I used to use here) that can also be used for pump parts just to make sure everything is clean in a jiffy!


I don’t actually have the answer for how to pick the right baby bottle, but I hope you are a little more at ease with these tips and tricks about bottle feeding. Or at least what baby bottles to try when the time comes to offer it to your new little bundle.

There will be examples with pictures of the baby bottles/products I used and mentioned in this article down below under my signature 🙂

If you have any other questions for me about bottle feeding please ask in the comments or email me at

I would love to hear from you!


With Love,



Sahvana Stapleton


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