Start a Christmas Family Tradition this year

Start a Christmas Family Tradition this year by delivering Betty Crocker Sugar Cookies to your friends and family!


Christmas Family Traditions

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Christmas Family Traditions: Spreading Cheer with Betty Crocker Cookies

Hello Mamas!


The Holiday Season is upon us! It is my absolute favorite time of year, but it sure is busy isn’t it? As mothers we run things. We get things done, but as I am strolling up and down the Christmas aisles at Walmart with my littlest one in tow… I start to think about what is really important this season: Christmas family traditions, and spreading cheer. What is a better way to do that than with sugar cookies decorated by tiny humans? Haha. They might not be pretty and perfect, but they are cute and delicious!


Betty Crocker at Walmart
My littlest gal picking out her favorite Betty Crocker Cookie Mix


The last 2 years my toddler and I have decorated sugar cookies… and of course shared them with guests, but I really want to teach my kids what the Christmas season is all about. They will get to feel how good it is when you spread holiday cheer. We decided to spruce up our sugar cookie game without the stress by using these quick Betty Crocker cookies.

It is hard to find time to do all the things we want around the holidays, so that’s why I want to tell you that it is OK to say no to a gift exchange, or skip the office ugly sweater Christmas party, or make Betty Crocker Cookies from those pouches at Walmart. They are absolutely delicious, and EASY. Boy, do I need easy.


I wont tell your secret, and I will give you my little tip that ads a little something extra to customize your Christmas treats 🙂


This way you have your Christmas family tradition of spreading cheer via festive sugar cookies with icing, and save time to you know… do the other million things you need to get done without missing out on making family memories.


My goal is that once you see how easy and fun this is, that it will motivate you to get your Betty on!



What You Will Need

1 Betty Crocker® Sugar Cookie Mix

1 Stick of Butter

1 Egg

3 Tablespoons all-purpose Flour

Betty Crocker® Cookie Icing Pouches (These are a life saver!)



Sugar Cookie Supplies

(P.S. All of these supplies were at my local Walmart, and budget friendly. You can get them here.)




Follow the instructions for the cutout cookies on the package. My secret ingredient is to add vanilla or peppermint extract, and I always make sure to use REAL butter.


I let my toddler stir because we don’t need no fancy mixer! (Haha, I don’t think a mixer could even be used for this type of recipe anyway.)


Once it becomes soft dough, make one big dough ball, roll it out, and let the kids go to town with cookie cutters! We found a little package while we were at Walmart that came with 6 different shapes for under 2 bucks.


Make sure to give each kid a little pile of flour to dip their cookie cutter in. It makes it more fun, and equally more messy. We don’t mind. We are making memories here 🙂


Place on the cookie sheet, and pop in the oven. Having the kids wait for them to bake and cool is probably the hardest part of this whole family tradition.


Start a Christmas Family Tradition



Once you have cooled cookies, the sugar cookie decorating is on! We use the Betty Crocker Cookie Icing because it is the. Easiest. Thing. Ever. I don’t have to make different colors using food coloring, and transfer it into a baggy or anything. You get the colors you need (we grabbed Red, Green, and White), and the awesome thing is it kind of melts down and fills in on it’s own!


This is how the kids kind of glob it on, but don't fret! It settles and fills in.
This is how the kids kind of glob it on, but don’t fret! It settles and fills in.


The great thing about this icing is that I don’t have to make it, but it also sets fast. You can stack them ready to box up in about 4 hours!


Spreading Holiday Cheer


The kids and I are taking our Christmas Family Tradition to the next level by spreading the cheer throughout our neighborhood. Betty Crocker Sugar Cookies for everyone on our little block.


AND this was fun! It wasn’t stressful, and it didn’t take me all day… I really enjoyed the time I spent with my kiddos without working myself into exhaustion in the kitchen.


Thank you for checking out the way our family likes spreading family cheer with Betty Crocker Cookies. Click here to get everything you need for this fun family tradition!


More Holiday posts coming to the blog soon, so be on the look out 🙂



With Love,


Sahvana Stapleton

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