Skin Care Tips for Busy Moms

Skin Care Tips for Busy Moms

Skin Care Tips for Busy Moms

(First a little blurb about my skin care concerns. If you are looking for the list just click read more, and keep scrolling because it is towards the bottom)

Skin Care Tips for Busy Moms

**A big thank you to FOREO® for gifting me the LUNAplay ™ for me to review, and for sponsoring this post. All opinions are 100% my own. See my full disclosure here.**


Skin Care Tips for Busy Moms


Hey Mamas!


So… I have mentioned self care on here, and how important I think it is for us busy mommies. Self care is so general that I wanted to hone in on a specific area that I am passionate about: skin care. This stems back from my teenage years when I first started breaking out… wait, make that pre teen years. Lucky me, I know. Haha. Ugh.


At the time when I first started experiencing skin problems, my parents got me some Sea Breeze and cotton balls, and thought I just needed to wash my face more.

Neither one had acne problems growing up, so I was on my own. The Sea Breeze did not work in case you were wondering. Lol. Anyone else remember that stuff? Do they still make it?


Fast forward 20 years later, and I am now battling acne again! It has been a roller coaster of a journey trying to get my skin to clear up, and I want to put my experiences out there to help people that are going through the same thing or have the same skin type as me.


Everyone’s skin is different. And let’s face it ladies… Hormones play a big role in how our skin looks. I discovered this after many years of dermatologists, skin care routines, and products.


This is where becoming a mommy comes in to play.


About 6 months after my son was born, my skin cleared up.


It was CLEAR. Not one pimple, zit, or cystic acne anywhere.


Now that I have had my second child, I have not been so lucky. I am getting it under control with a little help though.


And this is what we will be focusing on today my friends!


We are busy and tired, and this 5 minute skin care routine has helped with break outs while feeling pampered from my own bathroom.


(This list contains affiliate links, which means I receive a commission if you make a purchase using one of these links. This is at no extra cost to you. It helps with the cost of running this site, and keeps the content free. Thank you!)


Skin Care Tips for Busy Moms


  1. I rub my face down with Dermalogica Precleanse to take off makeup (if I wear any) Your skin will feel hydrated, and smooth!


  1. To exfoliate and make sure my skin is as clean as possible I use a facial cleansing brush by FOREO called the Luna play. Check it out here! Let me tell you why I love this little device over other facial cleansing brushes. It is affordable, easy to keep clean, gentle, and NO brush heads to replace! It feels like a spa treatment at home. It isn’t recommended to use scrubs with it, so I use Dermalogica Skin Resurfacing Cleanser.

Skin Care Tips for Busy Moms

  1. Using a fresh washcloth or hand towel, I pat my face dry. With how easy my skin is breaking out, it is best to use a clean towel every time. I just keep a basket full of rolled up white washcloths that I use, and it makes me feel fancy. Haha.


  1. My new found skin cream that has been helping the over all texture of my skin is MSM cream. While Googling ideas for helping with acne and acne scars I came across a few reviews for this stuff. I got mine off of Amazon, and it was very budget friendly.


  1. If my skin feels like it needs a little more moisture after the MSM cream, then I just apply some unscented Lubriderm.



This routine is what I use morning and night. It has been about 5 days now, and the breakouts on my jawline are diminishing!


More posts on my experience with acne coming soon, along with updates on how well this new routine is going.


Let me know if you try any of my skin care tips for busy moms, and how they are working out for you!


Talk to you soon mamas 🙂


With Love,



Sahvana Stapleton




Get the goods! 🙂


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