Non-Candy Easter Basket Stuffers for Toddlers

Non-Candy Easter Basket Stuffers

Non-Candy Easter Basket Stuffers for Toddlers

I can’t believe it is almost Easter time! If it is sneaking up on you too, then check out my Easter basket ideas below 🙂 

Non-Candy Easter Basket Stuffers for Toddlers

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Non-Candy Easter Basket Stuffers for Toddlers

Hi Mamas!


Candy for EVERY holiday is getting old… and yes, that is me being bitter. ALL this candy, and I have very little self control. I end up eating waaaaaaaay too much. Why can’t I just eat all the candy I want without consequences via stomachache and weight gain? C’mon!


Besides that, it really isn’t good for the kids. I try to ration it, but then there usually comes the day when I just want them to EAT IT ALL… and be done with it!


Don’t get me wrong, I am not boycotting all candy. I cannot live without chocolate. The kids need to be kids. I am just trying to cut back because I feel like it has become a little bit of a problem in our house.


Instead of packing the little plastic eggs full of candy for the kids’ Easter baskets this year, I decided to find non candy alternatives because they will still be getting candy from Easter egg hunts that we go to anyway.


I wanted to share what I found for all of you mamas needing inspiration for toddler Easter baskets.

Here is a list of 5 non-candy Easter basket stuffers for toddlers:




Happy Easter, Mouse!


I already have this book tucked away for Easter this year. We own just about every book in this series now, and my kids can’t get enough! They have plenty of books to choose from, but most nights they always pick one of these to read before bed. I can’t wait to share this new one with them.




TOMY Hide N Squeak Eggs

My son first played with these after story time at our local library (This is a free activity that out librarian puts on for all of you new mamas out there that might not know. Call or go online to see if your library does it too!)

He loved playing with them, and talk about educational! They are different colors, and they fit in the little carton a certain way to teach kids about matching and shapes. Great small toy that is budget friendly, and will fit in the basket.




Wind-Up Fluffy Bunny/Chick Set


The little yellow chick was an instant Easter hit last year when my mother in law got them for the kids. They are super soft and hop around almost like the real thing!

Speaking of the real thing… I guess there are parents that go out there and get REAL chicks for their kids on Easter without really knowing how to take care of them, or wanting to take care of them.

This seems absurd to me, but please, consider this little wind-up chick instead! Unless you really plan on having a chicken coup and whatnot, which I totally know moms that have chickens in their back yard because I live in the boonies, so don’t be offended if that is you ☺

But anyways… These. Are. Freaking. Adorbs. Again, instant Easter hit, pinky promise.




Egg Shaped Crayons

Egg crayons are more for the 1-2 year old range, but I wanted to include them. Your 3-4 year might like them too, but if they already use regular crayons then those would be a great substitute.

Since Easter is all about eggs these just came to mind since I was trying to find non candy Easter basket stuffers.




Novelty Bunny Glasses


Bunny glasses for silly Easter selfies of course!

My goal is to get all the cousins in these crazy glasses for a fun picture. We will see if my youngest will keep them on long enough for that to happen (she’s 1 so…). A mom can dream, can’t she?


Non-Candy Easter Basket Stuffers for Toddlers


Hope this helps with your Easter planning, and decreases the amount of candy your family consumes… you know, for health reasons.


(or because you don’t have self control to withstand from eating a whole package of peeps… either way. And I may, or may not be speaking from experience here. Wink, wink)


Happy Easter from our family to yours!


With Love,


Sahvana Stapleton

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