The Mindset That Helps Me Keep My House Clean

The Mindset That Helps Me Keep My House Clean


The Mindset That Helps Me Keep My House Clean


Hey There Mamas!


Motherhood has provided many challenges, with the biggest one for me being housekeeping. I can keep my cool (usually), play and entertain, cook decent food, teach, read to the kids, and whatnot… but then there’s the mess.

Having small children it tends to be a HUGE mess. We would all rather be creating memories instead of keeping things tidy. BUT having a clean, organized home is very relaxing, and creates a healthy environment for our family.


I didn’t always appreciate a clean home. I was raised in a house that my mom described as “lived in.” I tend to look passed clutter, and not give a rip about dishes in the sink. The hubs came from a house that was opposite. Although he himself is not very tidy, he has expectations. Oh boy, does he have expectations.


This was a conflict for us for a very long time. He works and is on the road a lot staying in hotels. Hotels have housekeeping. Every. Dang. Day. How am I supposed to compete with that when he comes home to our crazy house where two professional mess makers reside?


He would usually come home, wondering if we were robbed or had a party… or both.


Being a stay at home mom is tougher than any job I have ever had. There are no breaks (unless you lock yourself in the bathroom for a few minutes), no pay, no happy hour with your coworkers after a long, stressful day. You get LOVE.


Love got me thinking. How can I look at keeping my house clean from that viewpoint? We all want love and happiness, but how can cleaning lead to that? Here are the 3 questions that I asked myself to change my mindset.


  1. Don’t I want to keep my house clean so that my kids have a safe place to play, learn, and make memories? I was tired of not liking pictures of my kids because of the mess behind them. When their toys are picked up and the table is cleared off, it is easy for them to start their day fresh, and we can meals as a family. This is a way to show my family that I love them instead of just telling them.
  2. Am I happy with how my house looks? Would I be embarrassed if someone stopped by right now? These days it is unheard of to have company just stop by, but just go with me on this. If I would be embarrassed by the sink full of dishes then I need to handle that. There comes a great sense of pride when you know you would be totally fine to invite someone in. Now I want my house to be tidy for my own happiness instead of wanting it tidy so that my husband wouldn’t complain.
  3. Do the people I look up to have messy homes? No. Did you ever watch MTV cribs, and they walked in to a pigpen? No. Haha, ok I admit that was a little extreme, but still. There is that saying to dress for the job you want, not the job you have. If I want to be a successful business owner, that needs to show in all areas. Successful, happy people don’t have messy homes. Sure some of them have hired help, but that doesn’t discourage me from doing the best I can. Our house is pretty small, so it isn’t too hard to keep up with.


These are my tips to change your mindset to help motivate you to keep your house clean. My house still gets trashed now and then, but my attitude towards all the work has improved 110%. Think of how much happier you will be if you don’t dread housework.



Now that you have the mindset that helps me keep my house clean… If anyone has methods for easy ways to keep up with housework, I would love to hear your ideas in the comments!



With Love,


Sahvana Stapleton

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  1. I’m so glad I read this post! I’m due with my baby in December, and my house is already such a mess. I need to do some serious cleaning and decluttering. This was so helpful!

  2. Great post! I love your unique point of view. While I’m not a very good housekeeper, I do find that my mind is clearer and I am more productive when my house is clean. Pinning to share.

  3. I agree. I like my house clean too. 🙂 Only the rest of my family doesn’t seem to care – or probably just expects someone else (me) to clean up….

  4. I was raised to keep a clean house and all eight of us kids had a part to do in keeping it clean. Yes I do take pride in having a clean good looking home.

  5. haha I totally feel your pain, momma! Keeping a house clean with little people is basically a never ending, nearly impossible cycle. It isn’t my strong suit either. But Yes, not being embarrassed to invite people in is always nice. 😉

  6. I needed to read this! My house is a pig pen right now! Maybe not that extreme but not how I like it. I have lots of clutter, everywhere but the baby nursery! I feel so bad because my husband does a lot of the cleaning. Makes me feel thoroughly guilty! So how long can I use the excuse of having a little one?? Lol

  7. housework is a labour of love 🙂 Especially with young kids that make a mess so quickly!

    I’m not too phased about a little bit off mess generally, but the toys my kids leave everywhere and the piles of unfolded washing stress me out. Plus – the mess stress my hub out, which in turn stresses me out!

    I’ve been working on getting tidier, doing a little stroll around the “problem” areas of the house at night before I sit on the couch and it is really helping my stress levels.

    I like that way you have used these thoughts to make keeping house less troublesome. I’m going to give it a try 🙂

    1. Hope it helps! It sure is a labour of love… That is what I just have to keep telling myself. Lol. It is amazing what happens to your mood if you focus on changing your thoughts so that they are positive.

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