Make Your Home Feel Cozy This Winter

Cozy Decor Ideas

Ways to Make Your Home Feel Cozy This Winter

Turn your home into a cozy winter retreat! Here are a few simple and budget friendly decor ideas from my home to yours. Make this holiday season your coziest yet! 

Ways to make your home feel cozy this winter

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Hey Mamas!

How are you all doing? We woke up to about 5 inches of snow this morning, so this is the absolute best post for today! AND the reason why this is a little late going up… wifi was having a hard time uploading images. Some of the pitfalls of living in a rural area. Ugh.


Let’s get to the good stuff. Home decor inspiration. I was ask for some tips on making your home feel cozy by the Florida office of Douglas Elliman Real Estate. With decorating being one of my favorite things in the whole world, of course I was happy to help!

I imagine the snowy winter of my little town and a Florida winter are very different, but that doesn’t mean all of our homes can’t be a cozy retreat!

Number 1: get a fireplace – Haha! Just kidding, but oh how I would love one.

These are easy tips to create a cozy feel in your space. A lot of the items you probably have around the house, and just need to pull out of your linen closet. Pinky promise.

  1. Pillows and Throw Blankets! Oh My!
  2. Hot Drink Station with Coffee, Tea, and Hot Cocoa – Yummy!
  3. Table Centerpiece – An invitation to gather around the table 🙂

Cozy Decor Ideas

 I bet you have some cozy blankets stashed somewhere! Pull those puppies out, and drape them on the edge of your couch. When I guests, family members, what-have-ya, see a folded up blanket they are less likely to use it because they don’t want to mess it up. If you drape the blanket then it seems to give people permission to use it and cuddle up!

Throw pillows are another great way to add warmth to your seating area because they just look cute and comfy. Match the fuzzy texture of this throw blanket with the over stuffed pillow for the ultimate cozy feel.

Bonus points: Add a sheep skin throw or rug to the mix, and you won’t be disappointed!

Hot Drink Station for a Cozy Home

Here is my hot drink station. Nothing fancy or over the top. Nothing feels cozier than sipping a hot cup of coffee, tea, or cocoa. For this look, just designate a little corner or area of your counter top to set out your coffee maker or Keurig with different drink options.

Keep it all together by using a tray or something like what is pictured above, so that your drink station doesn’t end up taking over your counter. Whatever you make look easier to use, and more inviting to your guests, will make your home feel warm and cozy. Simple huh?

Country Christmas Centerpiece
Click the picture if you want the details on how to put this together 🙂

This centerpiece with that little old truck, camper, and buffalo plaid has been my favorite thing to make this season so far. Buffalo plaid, buffalo check, whatever you call it, Haha, just makes me think of flannel. Flannel sheets, flannel pajamas, flannel anything! Flannel makes me think of cuddling up, and enjoying the holidays.

Besides the buffalo check that I am obsessed with, having a centerpiece or table scape will welcome friends and family to settle around the table to visit. They can easily take their hot drink, and sit down to enjoy it.

Now get to it! Haha. I want to see your beautiful ideas! Let me know how you plan to make your home feel cozy this winter in the comments below.

Pssst… Don’t know what to do with the kids during Winter break?? Check out my post on our favorite Christmas tradition.

Happy Holidays!

With Love,

Sahvana Stapleton

P.S. If you need more inspiration, I have included some suggestions for Amazon below 🙂

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