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If you are looking for some farmhouse style decorating ideas then look no further! This rustic and country type of décor is so hot in the interior design world that you can’t help but want to add some old fashioned pieces to your home. There is just something so cozy and inviting about farmhouses isn’t there?

Growing up in the country makes me familiar with the some of the most common elements of obtaining that rustic feel. Think burlap, distressed wood, glass jars, chicken wire, and galvanized metal. Although it is not my favorite part of farmhouse style, you will usually see antlers, and hunting trophies.


Cowhide aside, I have rounded up a few starter pieces for the homemaker that would like to add some farmhouse style to their overall household look without having to do a complete overhaul. This is actually what I am in the middle of doing to our house.


Our house wasn’t really decorated at all actually. Then I realized, wait a second… I am a stay at home mom aka “homemaker,” so why haven’t I been working on this? Haha. My bad! Decorating and DIY are some of my favorite things, but they had been put on the back burner I guess.


Moms are busy! I completely get it, so I wanted to put together some farmhouse finds that are easy to just order off of Amazon. No more putting home décor on my to do list. It is getting done now! And let me tell you, it feels fantastic.


This round up is meant for all of my fellow moms out there that don’t want to spend a whole day at Hobby Lobby trying to decide what to get. I could bring home everything in that store, have total buyers remorse, and way more stuff than I actually needed. You just need a few items to give your living space that farmhouse feel because I don’t think most of us are trying to turn our house into an Alaskan hunting cabin.

(Please don’t get me wrong, I love Hobby Lobby. I just tend to waste way too much time when I go there. Lol)


Mason jars are a good starting point. If you are crafty, you could probably even make something similar yourself. I love this light pink, distressed looking mason jar vase. If this is too girly, I do believe there are other colors available as well. White would be a nice neutral option.

Farmhouse Style Mason Jar


Burlap is so easy to add to any style of décor you currently have. It goes well with whatever fabric of furniture you have whether it is leather, suede, you name it. What I love about this is that it is just a pillow case, so you can slip it over your current decorative pillows of the same size.

Farmhouse Finds Burlap Pillow


These rustic looking red stars will always remind me of my childhood. I am pretty certain that every one of my aunts had one of these somewhere inside or outside of their home. To me, the bigger the star, the better. They are my favorite.

Farmhouse Finds Red Star



If you start with one thing to transition your home over to the antique look of farmhouse style, let it be this distressed wood farmhouse sign. The writing is lovely!

Farmhouse Finds Rustic Sign



What about all my candles? What do I do with those? Here is the perfect solution. A vintage lantern. This holds tea lights, and would go really well on a mantle or shelf.

Farmhouse Finds Lantern



Chicken wire is a classic farmhouse staple. Here it is paired with a chalk board, and is very useful for a command center type of area in your home. I currently have an all wood memo board like this, but this one is going on my wish list.

Farmhouse Finds Chicken Wire Memo Board


Now there are a ton of ways to work galvanized metal into your home décor from tubs to trays, but I wanted to find something that stood out. This is a salt and pepper shaker caddy!

Farmhouse Style Finds Salt and Pepper Caddy


I know I already went over mason jars, but I wanted to include this little number because it is a repurposed drawer turned into a decorative piece. Repurposing is the root of farmhouse style! Look for anything than can be painted and used for something else, and WALAH!


Farmhouse Style Finds Wood Drawer



This little antique metal pitcher with flowers is almost the same exact one that I have in my kitchen window. It makes me look forward to opening the kitchen curtains. Just throw some dollar store flowers in there and you are set.


Farmhouse Style Finds Antique Pitcher



While scouring Amazon for these treasures, I stumbled across this welcome mat. I had to include it. Maybe it is a little too much, but I think it is fun. It made me giggle a little. If you have kids, I can assure you, they will enjoy this. It is the little things in life, right? Sometimes the little thing is a barnyard animal doormat 😉

Farmhouse Finds Barn Animal Welcome mat


Wreaths… where do I start? These beauties are great focal points for any room, or your front door. I tried to find one that was small, and easy to add to a gallery wall, or it can even be laid down with a candle placed in the middle on your mantle.


Farmhouse Style Finds Wreath


So in reality, I could spend all of my time looking up home décor… I mentioned the problem I have with Hobby Lobby. Lol This is the last item that I HAD to include. There are all of these farmhouse elements, but I needed the cozy element. This did me in. I knew my collection was complete. It is a faux fur shaggy throw that is glorious. I know the picture doesn’t show it in a rustic style living area, but this will go perfectly.


Farmhouse Finds Faux Fur Throw




Since this farmhouse home décor trend got me reminiscing about my childhood, I was wondering if anyone else has household items that take them back.


Farmhouse Style


What items remind you of family members or growing up in a certain area? I would love to hear about your memories in the comments! ☺



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  1. Love it!!! I’ve seriously been needing to get some kind of theme going in my home, it’s all over the place…
    Farmhouse style and rustic has seriously always attracted me, but so has the farm life. This will be so cool to shop for one day when we actually have a farm. Thanks for sharing! <3

    1. Lovely name! 😉

      Our house is all over the place too! Haha, I get it. Recently, we refinished our cabinets so now they look rustic, and I was so inspired! Thanks for taking a look 🙂

  2. I love this so much!! It is my style to a T! I have a post I did that is similar but how I decorate my mantel and surround! I have a reclaimed barn wood mantel that came from a 150 year old barn from my family farm!! It’s gorgeous but your style for decor is gorgeous!!!

    1. Thank you Mary! I think it can also be called rustic or country style decor, but farmhouse seems to encompass it all. It is my new obsession, so I am right there with you.

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