DIY NFL Themed Corkboard

DIY NFL Themed Corkboard 

DIY NFL Themed Corkboard

DIY NFL Themed Corkboard


In the spirit of the NFL Draft, I decided to post about the Seahawks inspired “art gallery” that I made for my son’s room. For him, this is a place to hang up his artwork, or whatever special thing he wants to put up there (like his birthday decorations that he just couldn’t part with right away). This is perfect for a toddler or an elementary school student that has a lot of projects that they want to put on display, so that you don’t have to cover every square inch of your fridge. You could also make modifications to the border to make it appropriate for an older child’s room to pin reminders or pictures on (I’m sure a teenager would be embarrassed to have the alphabet around the edge). This is a very simple project, and you feel good about making something customized for your kiddo’s room.

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DIY NFL Themed Cork-board

  1. Find a corkboard (you can get one here) or even a baking pan if you want to do a magnetic board instead of one with pushpins. I thought of that after getting the supplies for this. A magnetic board would allow my toddler to change out his artwork on his own. With this corkboard, I have to pin everything up. I don’t mind doing this. We make it a big deal when we showcase his new masterpieces anyway. Another option would be to use a foam type board with batting and fabric over it. I have seen some really cute Seahawks fabric that would be perfect. I just wanted to do something that I could put together in a jiffy.
  2. Pick out the décor that your child would like to be the border. My son is obsessed with the Seahawks, and his whole room is pretty much blue and green. I found those cute wooden letters, and thought they were perfect. I could paint them to match, and I could use the display to help teach him the alphabet. I ended up having extra letters, so I put the vowels on the side with a different color scheme to set them apart to avoid confusion (hopefully). The Seahawk in the upper left hand corner is actually a coaster (find one for your team here) that I found, so don’t be afraid to use something random like that to glue on there.
  3. Take your prepped goodies (if you had to do any painting and such) and team decor, and play with the placement to make sure it looks good before you start gluing. I did a couple of different designs, and then decided to put the coaster in the top left corner, with the alphabet on the top and bottom only, with the vowels going in a zig zag pattern down from the Seahawk. This is the only way I could get the spacing to look right for my “vision.” Then I just used a hot glue gun to glue everything on, and I didn’t even burn myself this time 😉



Here is the final product with my son’s display at the moment:

Seahawks Decor


So go on now, and get crafty with your creative self!



With Love,


Sahvana Stapleton

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  1. I kind of want to do all 3 of the options you mentioned, now I just need to decide where I can spare the wall space!

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