DIY Floral Fall Wreath

DIY Floral Fall Wreath


DIY Floral Wreath


Hello Mamas!

This week I took a trip to my local craft store to re vamp my front door wreath into a fabulous DIY floral fall wreath. Being inspired by some lavender that I found on Amazon, I was on the hunt to make a fall wreath that was different from anything I have ever made. Repurposing my burlap wreath from this summer made it easy because let’s be real… burlap goes with anything! Or maybe I am just a little obsessed. There is burlap in my home décor, there was burlap in my wedding décor… burlap is my friend. Haha.


Cruising through the craft store, one year old in tow grabbing at scarecrows and sunflowers, my mission was complete when I found the most beautiful combination of colors in these premade bouquets. How easy is that? I’ve struck wreath making gold! These little floral arrangements were also fifty percent off, so that sealed the deal.

My fall wreath isn’t your typical orangey red color scheme, but the pieces of wheat thrown in there is really what makes it feel like Harvest time. Fall, autumn, Harvest… same thing! If you feel like pumpkins are played out, and want to try something different then this is for you my friend!


There are instructions for threading the burlap through the wire on this post (with pictures!) Taking off the bandanas from my 4th of July wreath was simple enough since I didn’t glue them down. It should look like this before you start adding the flowers.


Burlap Wreath


The flowers have a very bendy wire stem. This is key. No need for wire cutters or hot glue. I swear by these flowers, and created floral curtain tie backs for my daughter’s room using this same method. (Take a peek here.)


Since this is so easy, there won’t be numbered instructions or any of that. Cut the flowers out of their bouquets if you got the same ones. Separate the wheat, roses, and colorful flowers into their own piles. There are more white roses in my little bunches, so this will be my base. The wheat and colorful flowers will be added in between. If yours are more even then you can do a pattern, but if they are uneven (like mine) then just do what looks best. Add a pop of color here and there.


To attach the stems to the wreath just bend them around the wire until they are secure. They might move around a little until you get them all put on, but I like that because then you can kind of make adjustments as needed. They shouldn’t move too much though, or feel like they will fall off. If that is the case then you might need more flowers. You can also use glue of course, but I like to re use and re do my front door wreath so much that I don’t want to be some crazy wreath-hoarding lady. Haha.


DIY Floral Fall Wreath Stems




Here is my finished product ☺

DIY Floral Fall Wreath



How do you like to decorate for Fall? And if you have any ideas for a DIY Christmas wreath, I am taking suggestions! Let me know in the comments ☺



With Love,


Sahvana Stapleton

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