How to create a mini gallery wall for a nursery

Mini Gallery Wall

How to Create a Mini Gallery Wall for a Nursery 

Create a mini gallery wall in 5 easy steps


Hey Mamas!

Nursery decor doesn’t have to be hard 🙂 Not into wall decals? Don’t have the time or will power to paint perfectly parallel stripes, or an entire mural? A mini gallery wall is a lovely, creative alternative. This is something ideal for a small space or if you are renting. These 5 simple steps will have you on your way to creating an inviting space with your own personal touch.


Mini Gallery Wall



  1. Pick a color scheme and a theme. Use at least 2 colors, or go up to 4-5. The palette can match your whole room or be the pop of color that you want. If you are doing a nursery, like me J, then try to incorporate that theme into the gallery as well. This will tie your whole look together. I went with pink, navy, gold and white. These are the same colors I used throughout the room. Any metallic will add something extra to a room, I think. Plus, babies like looking at it if you are doing a nursery. I chose a floral theme with birds/feathers. I found a nice navy scrapbook paper, and that darling rose print paper that I cut to size for the frames. The gold bird cut outs came in a kit from a craft store. (I made a crib mobile with the kit that will be in another blog post coming soon!)
  2. Find your centerpiece. This will be the focus of your mini gallery wall. Keep your colors and theme in mind. I went with an inspirational quote. Mirrors also work well, especially in a smaller space. It will reflect light, and help make the room seem bigger.
  3. Gather your coupons, scour the sales, and find things around the house to repurpose. We are all trying to be thrifty right? I know I am! You don’t have to break the bank trying to decorate. I used a 40% off coupon for my centerpiece canvas. The star and heart on the top and bottom where buy one get one half off. The scrapbook paper was around $.29 a sheet. I just happened to have gold spray paint, so I just had my hubby use that on some dollar store frames. It took me a couple of weeks to gather everything, but I loved the look I pulled together… And I saved money! Bonus!
  4. Decide if you prefer a symmetrical look or a cluster. I almost put this before number 3, but I decided not to because this might depend on what you happen to find when you are out shopping. The star and heart I mentioned above were buy one get one free, so I had two. That is when I decided to go symmetrical. If you decide to do a cluster just make sure you get things in odd numbers, think groups of at least 3 or 5. I bought 4 frames that I knew would “fit” vertically on each side of my centerpiece. I decided to stick with rectangles. You can stick with square/rectangle or do round/oval… it really has to be what you like. That is the beauty of creativity. I have seen gallery walls that mix all sorts of shapes, but for a mini gallery wall like this… I was trying to keep things simple.
  5. Create your desired layout on a table or the floor before hanging your pieces. This will allow you to play with your design. You can really place everything together in the perfect way. Have fun! Once you have the layout perfected, I recommend marking the wall with a pencil. Whip out that tape measure if you are doing symmetrical, and make sure everything will line up. (We were too antsy, and actually skipped measuring. That is why our gallery wall isn’t perfect. We don’t mind, and neither does the baby.) Hang everything up, step back, and enjoy your work of art!


Easy peasy!! And super adorable for any nursery, but I might be a little biased. I hope you found these tips helpful, and there will be more home decor posts coming your way in the future.


With Love,


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