The Mom Behind The Blog

Family Life

I am a wife, and a mother of two kiddos (one boy, one girl). Our son is almost three and our daughter is 5 months old. They keep me super busy, and I feel like the luckiest mom in the world to have them! My husband travels a lot for work, so when he is home on Saturday and part of Sunday it is sacred family time. We are Seahawks fans, and enjoy spending time outdoors riding four wheelers and dirt bikes (of course not the baby… YET).


I know this may sound cliché, but my family is my whole world! I want to make memories and spend time with them. Quality time. I started thinking about ways to create more time: quit sleeping? That’s not feasible. Have the hubs quit his job? We gotta eat! So I started brainstorming. What could I do to so that we could have a better work/life balance? I believe this is a common goal among us all. How do we live our life to the fullest and truly enjoy ourselves along the way?


Operation: “Bring the Hubby Home.”


The Blog

As I was researching ways to make money at home, I found a lot of dead ends: scams, phone work, coupon cutting, surveys, and things that weren’t that profitable. Then as I was rocking the baby and scouring Pinterest for crockpot recipes, I realized most of these pins were from blogs. I thought about a time back in 2010 when I lost my job at a huge corporation, and I wanted to start a blog. The problem was that I wasn’t motivated, and I was too afraid. I didn’t know that a blog could even make money until I came across an income report. Holy smokes! There was a blogger doing what she loves while making a killing! I thought, “I can do this.” So I’ve set out to do what I love, and replace my husband’s salary at the same time.


Meeting Chris; “The Hubby”

This is for all of you hopeless romantics out there 😉 Not really. It is actually pretty funny how we ended up together. Before my friends introduced me to Chris they asked me to “please be nice to him.” This request came because apparently a prior incident I had offended another one of their friends by poking fun at his choice of wearing camo to an ugly sweater Christmas party (It was all in good fun, but he didn’t see it that way, oops). Expecting someone along the lines of Larry the Cable Guy… in walks this big hunk! Sure, he was rough around the edges, but he had a sense of humor, and he was that old fashioned type of guy that holds doors and such. I had a huge crush!


A few months later he sent me a message on Facebook asking me out (he didn’t have my phone number) starting with, “I hope this isn’t too forward but…” What girl could say no to that? We started hanging out every weekend. He joined a softball team with me even though he wasn’t any good. We stuck him in right field for defense, but on offense he hit a home run every time, so I can’t complain too much and neither could the team.


Then we were bowling with a group of friends, and he asked me to be his girlfriend. I remember coming home to my roommates who were in disbelief. They asked me how my day went and I said, “I got a boyfriend today.” I could go on and on, but we will just say the rest is history.


Most People Don’t Know This About Me, But…

My dad built me a lemonade stand, and I went to work around the age of 3 or 4. It was something fun I did as a kid to earn money in the summer. The entrepreneur bug bit me at a young age, thanks dad! As an adult, I’ve been “too scared,” “too busy,” and “too lazy” to go after my dreams and goals. I’m pushing 30 and it is now or never! Time to live the life I’ve always wanted. Here I go! I hope to use my writing as inspiration for others to do the same.


Life Before the Blog (Jobs I’ve had)

My first job (besides the lemonade stand, and babysitting) was for our city pool as a lifeguard and swim instructor. It was a great gig for a high school student, and I actually enjoyed it. It was seasonal, so that meant finding a different job during the winter. I landed a job in fast food, and left that place crying almost every day. It is amazing how rude people will be to a 16 year old at the cash register of a fast food place because their beef and cheddar didn’t have enough cheddar on it. I vowed to never work in that industry ever again. Our little town didn’t have a lot of options, but determined to leave fast food, I applied everywhere else! I was finally offered a position in medical records at our local clinic my senior year of high school.


I went off to college in Southern California, and worked for a clothing retail store, and a call center. The call center wasn’t as bad as you would think. There were opportunities for growth, and I worked my way up. I was promoted 4 times in 5 years beginning as a Customer Service Rep and ending as a Human Resources Consultant. I believed I had found my career, and that I would retire from there. I really did love Human Resources, but I knew I wanted more. I wanted to be my own boss. Almost as if that new life goal was calling, I lost my job and knew that I needed to work for myself. Sometimes life has other plans… I became a mom!! Who knew this ambitious career woman would turn housewife? I certainly didn’t expect it. Now I don’t want to give up that aspect of my life. This is where blogging comes in. It is the perfect fit, and I found it at the perfect time in my life.


My Goals and Ambitions

My main focus is to help other moms! I’m not saying I have all the answers, but I want to create a place where moms can turn to for a good laugh, a good recipe, some crafting tips, parenting tips, and whatever else I decide to throw in there! You never know when inspiration will hit J


As women, mothers, caregivers, professionals, fashionistas, whatever path we are on, we should lift each other up. I hope to have other ladies read my posts and relate to what I am going through, so they don’t feel alone. Maybe I’m not the only mom that has had to tell her toddler to stop punching the cheese while grocery shopping. Let’s encourage each other along our different, yet similar life journeys. That is what I am promoting with this little ol’ blog of mine. I will end with a quote that has inspired this whole thing…


“The most basic of all human needs is the need to understand and to be understood.” –Ralph Nichols